4 events between January and May 2018
to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Le Périscope !

In June 2017, we saw the 13 rue Delandine for the first time.

It has needed to dig some cubic meters in the basement to welcomed rehearsal spaces, build a Siporex wall and add some Placo on a shaky scafollding to soundproof, unearth a carpenter in deepest Ardèche to set a mezzanine up, swallow liters of dust and spread some others of paint to finally open the long awaited concert venue.

1200 concerts and few beers later...

We celebrate this 10th anniversary, with 4 special highlights, you'll rediscover artists that you probably crossed over the course of these 10 last seasons. The leading project of Théo Ceccaldi "Freaks", the locals of Tatanka and PoiL, Pulcinella from Toulouse, Sylvie Courvoisier and Etenesh Wassié, Fred Gardette's "Tu Transes ?" or the twin opening nights by the activist musicians from the basement... so many nights that you shouldn't miss !

10 years through the lens of 5 photographers

Special selection of photographs behind each photographer...