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Young audience programmation

Since 2016, Periscope has been offering shows and workshops to better understand the world, tame its emotions and discover the possibilities offered by the arts through a specific program for the youngest, combining discovery, imagination, reflection and participation.

The duration of the proposals is adapted to the needs of the youngest, its artistic content is as demanding as for the rest of our programming. These shows are open to all: family, MJC, social centres, groups or individuals. The programming is mainly concentrated on school holidays (October, February and April). With 2 to 5 proposals over the 15 days for all ages.

These programming times are all punctuated by a snack together 

The Périscope venue, a special space

With a layout dedicated to the concert, this room with a human dimension (100 seats) is an ideal environment for young spectators (black room, soundproofing, lighting...). The warm atmosphere of the Periscope allows children to quickly take over the premises and puts them in a situation of trust. The immediate stage / audience ratio of the room, offers a surprising proximity with the artists who will captivate your children's attention. In order to ensure comfort and quality of listening, we welcome up to 70 children per performance. Finally, the room is fully accessible to people with reduced mobility.

You will find details of the programming for young audiences in the agenda section of our website.

For more information or to suggest a partnership, please contact Alice at