jeudi 14 novembre 2019

ouverture du bar 18h00

- The UNIVERSITY OF POPULAR LYON in partnership with the Périscope is offering this term a series of lectures by Claude Gautier, professor of political philosophy and philosophy of social sciences at the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon. This seminar will highlight the "natural" relationship between neo-liberal states and authoritarianism: liberalism and authoritarianism are not incompatible. 



- A historical compromise - by Claude Gautier

"It is customary to oppose "liberal democracies" and "authoritarian regimes", the latter being worth the same as repulsors that are brandished on the occasion of elections - just look at the way in which the Macron government tried to lock up the issues of the last European elections in the simplistic and reductive opposition between "we"[the defenders of the values of freedom and democracy] and "them"[the national assembly, the right and left "populists", a real threat to freedom and democracy].

We would like to show that this politically constructed opposition as an electoral argument is caricatured and that the regimes of liberal democracies are not free from authoritarian abuses; moreover, that it is in the very spirit of political liberalism to resort, in certain circumstances, to extreme forms of authority.
The political events in France in recent months[yellow vest movements, strikes by secondary school teachers, etc.] are there to show that the State does not hesitate to resort to increasingly explicit forms of violence.

From some of these examples that we will comment on, we will highlight this important relationship between the neo-liberal management of social conflicts and authoritarian drift." 


Thursday, November 14th 

"Liberalism and authoritarianism: a historical compromise"

Tuesday, November 26th

"Security and freedom: security abuses in the fight against terrorism policy"

Tuesday 17 December 

"The ordinary violence of the liberal state: police violence, administrative violence, symbolic violence"


Echo this series of conferences with the show "Taïga (Comédie du réel)" at NTH8 from 14 to 16 November. A show by the Cassandre company that returns to the Tarnac affair, and will attempt to recount this symptomatic affair of an era where politics, the media and the judiciary are intertwined. 

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