Chromb + Trio Meier Hanes Amberg

jeudi 13 février 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00
ouverture de la billetterie 20h30

• In partnership with PROHELVETIA + CNV + DUR & DOUX. 

CHROMB! - currently preparing a new album - and the Swiss trio Meier, Hanes, Amberg with members of the band Schnellertollermeier, are invited to the Periscope. Intensive clearing of explosive free-prog-rock-jazz on the program. 




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CHROMB!'s discography testifies to its openness: when the album "I" (2012) laid the supersonic foundations of the group through an open and collective writing, its successor "II" (2014) digested the dense and electric energy resulting from the intensive tours. Suit "1000" (2016), a dense and labyrinthine album where hyper-writing and vocal polyphonies are integrated into the group's favourite ingredients. Finally, "Le Livre des Merveilles" (early 2020) echoes the travel stories of Gervais de Tilbury (1150-1218): there are songs that tell, and instrumental pieces that evoke, with a slowness and sound places that the group had never visited before. In addition to the concerts and records, the group will also rub shoulders with the form of the concert drawn with Benjamin Flao from 2015 to 2018.

In 2019, CHROMB! launched into writing a new repertoire populated by synthetic insects and crossed by an insane energy: the writing leaves as much room for irresistible riffs for the body as for the slow development of sound masses that speak to the skull, by stealing energies specific to the freest musics, whether experimental or danceable.


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With : David Meier: drums | Simon Hanes: bass player | Elio Amberg: tenor saxophone

Swiss musicians Elio Amberg (EA quartet, Schöööf, iety) and David Meier (Schnellertollermeier, Zimmerlin-Stoffner-Meier, LEON) formed their collective trio with California via Simon Hanes (Tredici Bacci, Trigger, John Zorn's trivial project) in residence in New York in autumn 2018.

They are inspired by influences as diverse as contemporary classical music, free jazz, punk and rock. The resulting music is improvised, non-idiomatic and combines wild energy with acute compositional awareness and subtle use of sound.

The trio will tour Switzerland and Europe in February 2020 to present their first album.