samedi 22 février 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00
ouverture de la billetterie 20h30


• The Bridge is a transatlantic exchange and collaboration network between French and North American musicians. Every quarter, Le Périscope hosts an evening of this rich project of meeting and new experiences that gives way to the exclusive ephemeral collaboration between artists. Make way for the encounter and the beauty of improvisation !


The Bridge #2.3

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With : Marvin Tate (voice) | Gerrit Hatcher (tenor saxophone) | Erwan Keravec (bagpipe) | Lia Kohl (cello) | Gaspar Claus (cello)

Four Aces and a Queen, of course, and all the combinations of the unimaginable, all the balances, all the imbalances. First, between a poet with a distanced conscience, a hallucinating bagpipe-piper, a devil's saxophonist, and two cellists ambushed, in chiffonade. But it doesn't stop there, it's not just a matter of instrumentation, however fantastic it may be, and this one is certainly so: it's a matter of personalities, sensibilities and strategies. Negotiate the turns, proximity and distance, negotiate the crossroads and intersections that The Bridge continues to promote with this third set of a second cycle.

(Nous ne prenons pas de réservation pour les soirées gratuites ou à prix libre)