Unipop: And in the general indifference, the world has died out: why are we so apathetic in the face of the environmental crisis ?

mardi 10 mars 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00
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Avec :
- Matthieu Garot | https://unipoplyon.fr/enseignants/matthieu-garot
- Claire Durozard | https://unipoplyon.fr/enseignants/claire-durozard
- Antoine Ziller | https://unipoplyon.fr/enseignants/antoine-ziller

We have to face the facts: here we are.

We have arrived in a new era that Pierre-Henri Castel calls the "end times" in Le Mal qui vient. Everywhere it is announced, its first scientifically demonstrated signs, its inevitability denounced, but nothing can be done about it: it is obviously not anguish that wins us over but apathy.

Why are we so indifferent to the greatest threat humanity has ever faced? What are the truly unconscious forces at play in this crisis? How, from a psychoanalytical point of view, can these questions be considered?

A whole program for this conference before the end of the world!


Photo : Luca Bravo on Unsplash.com

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