Contes et légendes de la guerre de Troie

jeudi 27 février 2020


• It all began on the day when discord, hatred, envy, rivalry, landed on a high mountain, while a wedding was being celebrated there.

And then everything goes on: a beautiful golden apple sows discord among men, Paris kidnaps Helen, Zeus' daughter; a father sacrifices his daughter to raise the winds; Achilles receives an arrow in his famous heel...


Contes et légendes de la guerre de Troie

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Cie du vieux singe : Mélissa Acchiardi, music | Ophélie Kern, text

Everyone knows the episodes of the Trojan War from afar and has already heard of Agamemnon, Helen, Ulysses, Ajax... But the stages and details of these stories are often unclear, often linked to distant school memories, and if the names have remained, the story has been lost. The vocation of this show is first of all to bring this story to life, to unroll its thread, to remind us of its simplicity and coherence.

The text is written with a double objective: a first reading is intended for children (simple language, playful staging, and humour, always) and a second reading, addressed to adults, makes the link between the mythological narrative and its challenges today.

14h30 - From 6 years old
1 hour

Picture by Aurélie Rolland

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