Cabaret Poétique : Kenny Ozier-Lafontaine + Hassan Guaid

dimanche 19 janvier 2020


• Every month or so, the Cabaret Poétique invites poets to gather, listen and share the colours that their words invite in sound. This weekend, the Cabaret Poétique invokes what is bigger than us, a beauty to take away, to reveal. 

For this session :

Kenny Ozier-Lafontaine

Kenny Ozier-Lafontaine is a poet, visual artist, videographer, born in Fort-de-France. Author of two collections of poetry published by Maelström: Billes in 2015, (Copo Jury Prize, Copo Student Prize and Prix gros Sel) and Fils de la Nuit in 2011 (which has been translated and reprinted in Italy). Still in Italy, the artist's book Zucchero was published in 2016 by Pulcino Elefante. In collaboration with Vincent Lefèbvre, he gave birth to Bulles, a work of stripoetry also published by Maelström.

He is also the author of the artists' books: VOMIR (2015) with Peggy Viallat-Langlois et Miettes (2016) with Claire Morel published by A-Over, Mordre et jagues aux Crocs électriques in collaboration with Catherine Ursin, Nègre au dernier cri in collaboration with Evelyne Postic (2018). He is also a director: Tar, made in 2015, was the opportunity to draw a portrait of the surrealist playwright F. Arrabal, and he makes documentaries shot in Brazil and Cuba.

He collaborates with various magazines, Revue Bâtarde, Revue Journal de mes paysages, Revue Microbe, Terre à ciel, Revue Karbone, Fanzine Hildegarde, Freaks Pulsion, Revue Sous-Vide, la Gazzetta dei Dipartimenti del Collage de "Pataphsique".... and its own journal Revue Jambon Klaxon (in collaboration with Serge Pey, Peggy Viallat-Langois, Claire Morel, Martine Birobent, Caroline Dahyot, Julie Perin, Catherine Ursin, Margaux Salmi, Luc-André Rey, Anael Chadli...). In duet with Catherine Ursin he gave birth to Diabolo reading performed around the states of possession. He is currently preparing a documentary on the poet Serge Pey.

Source : Marché de la poésie.

Hassan Guaid

Hassan Guaid has been combining his activities as an author, composer and singer with writing and "direct poetry" workshops for many years.
His workshops and training courses reflect his artistic career at the crossroads of disciplines: between writing, singing, poetry, rap, music and staging, Hassan Guaid likes to challenge codes and mix labels.

Hassan is also known in the music world as "Experimental". He has released several albums, mainly focused on rap music: Unknown Soldier(s), Legal Weapons in two volumes or Handcuffs. Involved since 2008 in the Caravan of Ten Words Rhône-Alpes project, Hassan shares his pleasure in words with very diverse audiences, cultivating a predilection for intergenerational groups.

Source: Filigrane Rhône-Alpes.

Les C.A.P maçons from Tony Garnier Highschool

(voice of the poet Patrick Laupin's writing workshop):

Patrick Laupin is a French writer.
He spent his childhood in the Cévennes, in a family of underground miners. For ten years he worked as a teacher and for twenty years as a trainer of social workers, constantly creating a space for the transmission of reading and writing in places of literacy and internment, with adults, children and adolescents who had lost their social ties.
He has published some twenty books (poetry, prose, stories, philosophy). All his books, published since 1975, bear witness to a sparkling and harmonious writing, and his intense and generous poetry denounces a "world without prayer" and, for this reason, "human desertion".

Source : Wikipedia et Magazine littéraire.


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