Maria C. Valencia

In February 2020, the Periscope will welcome the Colombian saxophonist Maria A. Valencia in residence for one month as part of a residency project supported by Unesco - Creative Cities.

We will therefore have the pleasure of facilitating the meeting between Maria A. Valencia and musicians from the Lyon scene, in order to experiment a new creative project.  An initiative in line with Periscope's relations with Colombia and more particularly Bogota (Musicas Hibridas in 2016).


Maria A. Valencia

Saxophonist and clarinetist from Bogota and Colombia and active member of the collective "La Distritofonica" since 2004.

His work has been linked to record production, live performance and artistic creation in groups such as El Sexteto la Constelación de Colombia, Asdrúbal, Palanca, MULA, Meridian Brothers, La Resbalosa, Mirlitorrinco and Vien-Tox.

She has developed her exploration as a composer and improviser and has performed in different national and international festivals. Currently, in addition to her work as a performer and composer, she is studying for a Master's degree in Electronic and Plastic Arts at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. In addition, she teaches at the Universidad del Rosario, and is responsible for the management and direction of the Festival Distritofonico.

Residence project :

Maria A.'s project. Valencia wishes to deepen the creative process through improvisation and experimentation. As the driving force behind various current artistic and musical forms, ranging from the most popular genres to the most academic formats, improvisation very often conveys a particular energy that leads to unique proposals and artists' own styles. Thus this creative project will invite a group of artists to work on composition through improvisation. Arrangements may vary according to the way the pieces are assembled during rehearsals and the collaborative contributions the musicians can make to them.

Concerts and performances following this residency.