Projection : "La chanson politique de Colette Magny"

mardi 18 février 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00

• Colette Magny turned down the show-business career that her voice offered her very early on. She chose political commitment and musical research. Blues, free jazz, collage, anti-poetry, spoken word, chanson-enquête, contemporary music...


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This series of documentary film screenings is produced by the Tillandsia association. It takes place from November 2019 to May 2020 at the MJC Monplaisir, the Périscope and the University Lyon 2.

We establish our programming with the aim of offering a variety of films, from different approaches, dealing with social, historical, political and anthropological subjects.

The objective of these screenings is to show a committed cinema, which goes against the single and homogeneous thought, and to exchange on the basis of the shifting gaze to which the films invite us.

The screenings will be followed by a discussion with, as far as possible, the director and a guest.

Admission is free.

(Nous ne prenons pas de réservation pour les soirées gratuites ou à prix libre)