Ciné-Débat : "La Bombe et Nous" par la Croix-Rouge Française

mardi 17 mars 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00
ouverture de la billetterie 20h30

• Can we live without nuclear weapons? Meeting around "the Bomb and us" with Mr. Bernard Norlain, former Minister of Defence against nuclear weapons.



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"The bomb and us : the atomic weapon today", the film by Xavie-Marie Bonnot, will be shown in partnership with the IHL unit of the French Red Cross and the Association Initiatives pour le Désarmement Nucléaire (IDN) of which Mr Norlain is vice-president.

"It is a recent film that is made to open a debate. It questions the current state of the nuclear industry and its future," explains Guy David, an activist against military nuclear power. This documentary is one of the rare films that deals with the issue of military nuclear power from all angles, and gives a voice to activists, politicians, scientists and former generals of the French army.

In the wake of the French President's speech on "the role of the French nuclear deterrent in European collective security", it is essential to question the role of nuclear weapons as a factor of balance and peace in an uncertain and constantly changing world. The bomb and brings us a new light, without giving a definitive answer but allowing us to deconstruct certain myths, particularly those on which the discourse in favour of nuclear weapons was built.

The screening will then be followed by a debate in the presence of Mr. Norlain, former commander of the Tactical Air Force and former military chief of staff to Jacques Chirac and Michel Rocard, then appointed, director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in National Defence. In particular, he will review the reasons for his commitment since 2009 to multilateral nuclear disarmament.

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