James Brandon Lewis

mercredi 01 avril 2020

ouverture du bar 18h00
ouverture de la billetterie 20h30

• James Brandon Lewis is embarking on a series of new quartet music with his upcoming album Late Fall Early -2021 entitled Mass Molecular Volume 1 - influenced by molecular biology via the double helix.



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Last year, "Radiant Imprints", by James Brandon Lewis (born 1983 in Buffalo, NY), was considered one of the most important jazz records of the year by Rolling Stone, the New York Times and National Public Radio. Ebony Magazine selected him as one of the "7 Young Musicians to Watch".

Today, James Brandon Lewis continues with a dazzling "An UnRuly Manifesto" whose titles are inspired by the writings of Bob Kaufman ("Abomunist Manifesto") and André Breton ("Manifesto of Surrealism"). James Brandon Lewis describes this album as a sound manifesto, a call to action, a plea to feel 100% musically invested and to pursue this goal all his life. "Every day is a chance to discover the true version of yourself and to commit yourself relentlessly."

Sonny Rollins says of him, "A promising young musician with the potential to do great things by assimilating his elders."