"Músicas Híbridas" : Bogotá-Lyon

Bogotá / Lyon
Concerts / Round Tables / Conferences / Workshops / Professional meetings

In the framework of the Franco-Colombian year, le Périscope - must see place of contemporary and innovative music scene - collaborated with IDARTES, the cultural institute of Bogotá city for “Músicas Híbridas : Bogotá – Lyon” project. Certified by the French Institute, this collaboration created a bridge between two artistic scenes and the beginning of professional, pedagogical and creative exchanges.

Bogotá // from the 12 to the 22 of April 2017
Lyon // form the 18 to the 25 of Octobrer 2017


Músicas Híbridas, mirror event between the artistic scene of Bogotá and Lyon through the lens of hybrid musics, was araised around three axis : artistic, professional and educational.
The delegations was composed of artists, music professionals, researchers and pedagogues.

Among diverse things as concerts and workshops, a creation residency took place in Bogotá then in Lyon with the French/Colombian band Pixvae joined by two Colombian musicians (Elber Alvarez and Juan Carlos Arrechea) to formed Kaixu by Pixvae.

On a professional aspect, the delegation participated in round tables, conferences, visits of production and diffusion places and institutions. In parallel, debates and talks resulted in thoughts about how actors of music field act in both country and their ways of operating in music, according to their cultural policies, country and culture.

On an educational point, a very interesting system is occurring in Bogotá. Named CLAN (Local Arts Center for Children and Youth), this is a city council program which provide to children attending school, in dedicated places, an artistic practice of eight hours per week. The kids are able to choose between literature, music, dance, audiovisual, dramatic, art and visual arts. This program is aiming in develop creativity and educate through arts children and young people from Bogotá