Nuits Sonores // Nuit 2 - Circuit

jeudi 25 mai 2017

ouverture de la billetterie 20h30

​IN GIRUM (Genève - SWITZERLAND) - Live set

In Girum is a brand new duo featuring two adventurous musicians, Johann Bourquenez – best known for his work with the critically acclaimed piano trio Plaistow, and the syncretic, sharp and energetic drummer Sylvain Darrifourcq – who composes and plays in bands such as In Love With and MILESDAVISQUINTET!. Both have a worldwide concerts experience, and a tendency to push the limits of everything they do.  The music of In Girum is focused on polyrhythmic patterns, ever changing trance-like loops, and the challenging and powerful blend of acoustic drums with electronic machines and keyboards. In Girum develops irresistible grooves and textures that defy the mind and the body.

Danse Musique Rhône Alpes (Lyon - France) - Live set

DMRA is the solo live project of Loup Gangloff. It is an experimental House music live performed with two 4-track tape recorders synchronized with a sequencer, a radical and rhythmic research mixing house grooves and a lo-fi tape approach of electronic music.

​BRAHME (Lyon - France) - LIVE SET

's Techno expresses violence as well the nobility of man towards nature. Their music tells stories of wild pursuits and rituals, inspired by archaic and bestial traditions. Sharp rhythms, deep basses, cold and powerful sound landscapes. ​Romain Constant and Martin Maire play a Live music, which​ ​is for them the best way to keep a musical gesture in order to channel the energy and to plunge the public into a brutal, pulsed and introspective universe.

UNGLEE IZI (Lost Dog Entertainment / Sarcelle - France) - LIVE SET

Self-taught and daring spirit, Unglee Izi makes many things dissociated from each other, from day to day, without ever calculating and without worrying about a possible logic of the next day. And yet, in this latent schizophrenia, there is a coded, complex and definitively mastered, coherent universe, like no other schools, artistic movement and-or other artistic networks claimed. In a roque sonority, he forges and develops an hybrid, fierce and multifunctional music.