A professionnal exchange 

After a first phase in Bogotá in April, a second highlight took place from the 19 to the 24 of October in Lyon where different professionnals from the music field talked about cultural policies and government aid schemes in contemporary and creative music scene.

Through initial observations, visits, cases studies and presentations, the colombian delegation discovered the french specificities as well as the one of the metropolis of Lyon.

Round tables and conferences allowed participants to continue their questionning about careers evolution, new types of organisation and more generally cultural entrepreneurship and institutionals way of intervention in this characteristic area of creative music.

Pedagogical meetings

During the first part of this project, in April, some pedagogue from the CEFEDEM Auvergne Rhone-Alpes along with the french professional delegation discovered an educative plan which is a major innovation in the educational and cultural policy of Bogota.

The CLAN (Local art center for young people) dispense to around 61 000 kids an humanist artistic teaching which leitmotif isn't to train to artistic practices but to bring up to artistic creation.

In october, it was the CLAN team turn to discover how the CEFEDEM is working as well as music teaching organizations in France. They also participated to round tables and debate in order to exchange with their french counterpart and institutionals about the relevance of the different type of teaching and learning of and by musical and artistic practice.

Colombian artists also dedicated time to give pedagogical concerts and master class to the discovering of instruments and traditionals rhythm of Colombia in partnership with musics schools from the metropolis.

This pedagogical program was produced closely with the CEFEDEM Auvergne Rhône-Alpes.



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