Kaixu by Pixvae

A co-production with le Grolektif 
In partneship with the CNV

"KAIXU by Pixvae" is part of the project of "Músicas Híbridas : Bogotá-Lyon" as a musical creation between the two country.

Adoptive son of the worldwilde sono and botanic, "Kaixu" is born of successive grafts between three musicals "traditions" : afro-colombians musics, underground rock and comtemporary jazz. A first experience realised in 2015 give birth to the Franco-colombians band Pixvae. Created by saxophonist, composer and arranger Romain Dugelay and by anthropologist, percussionist and singer Jaime Salazar, Pixvae is confrontating sings and percussions from the pacific coast of Colombia with Europeans jerks of jazzcore. After sevral month they felt like digging, to and also explore the sound of "Carribean coast", and to experiment to a bigger scale. A new graft comes up when Pixvae invit the colombians musicians Juan Carlos Arrechea, professionnal percussionist and active on local scene since 10 years (marimba de chonta) and Elber Alvarez, musician, composer and stringed instrument maker specialized in Caraïbe colombians coast musics (gaïtas) and the french Clément Edouard (electronic device and sound processing). Between vibrant sounds of colombian instrumentarium and the shivers of amplification, Pixvae develop a new inflorescence named Kaixu ("heart" in Awa language).

Starting from musics deemed to be traditionals from colombians coast to confront them to the electric energy of "underground" musics and to jazz tradition "off-roader", Kaixu feeds on with these differences in practices as much as their common thread. Trance and improvisation culture, convergence of the comptemporary and the timeless, of the ubic and the unique, the music accruing from this these crossing are questionning us, through this sounding paint, about supposed specificities of used musicals traditions.

During the first residence creation of the project, which took place at the ASAB univesity of Bogotá from 12 to 17april 2017, Kaixu materialized the meeting between apparently distants world and "played" with what historically is presented as traditions. An artistic challenge which go way beyond a aethetic superposition  and rather propose to create new musicals grammars, new sensitives landscapes and ramifications for these alives traditions. Benefiting from this thrilling experience, Pixvae with his Kaixu project continue forward with a second creation time in october before a french tour. 

Elber Álvarez - Gaïta, singing, percussions, Clément Edouard - Sound processing, keyboards, Damien Cluzel - Guitar, Alejandra Charry - Singing, guasa, Romain Dugelay - Saxophone baritone, Juan Carlos Arrechea - Marimba de chonta, Jaime Salazar - Singing, percussions, Léo Dumont - Drum, Margaux Delatour - Singing, guasa

IN LE PÉRISCOPE FROM the 27th March to the 2nd of April 2017
IN BOGOTÁ FROM the 15th till the 25th April 2017