Blast X Benjamin Flao

BLAST is part of this new musical movement influence by creative musics (rock, pop and electronic music) and from jazz. In addition to these movements, some sampled dialogues weaving a strong links between cinema and comics, universe dear to BLAST aesthetic. And as a result a very expressive and energic music.
BLAST is the famous comic books serie of the great Manu Larcenet, one of the mutual inspiration of the three musicians.
BLAST it's a breath, an explosion, the combination of wood and electric, a tangled and impredictable music, an invitation to a journey where everything become possible and from which we not always escapes unscathed...

Pierre Horckmans : clarinette, clarinette basse, effets
Anne Quillier : Fender Rhodes, Moog
Guillaume Bertrand : batterie, sampleur, effets

Extrait du nouvel album à paraitre :