Le Périscope and its team is offering a young audience season of jazz and improvised music ; we go out and welcoming everyone : educationals institutions, health and social establishments, remand and repression establishments, associative sector, etc. We are also working each year, with amateurs audiences on shared creations projects with artists, in the longer term.

Le Périscope : new musics, for all ears

Le Périscope is a firmly open venue. Firstly with its programme, which is highlighted actuals music and its diversities. We can see locals artists as well as one from far continents. We come to enjoy the last musicals curiosities, comfortable in this pretty venue.

But what the interest to offer creative musics if we just share them between insider ? At le Périscope, openning isn’t just on our programme, but also in our venue ! Audience diversity is one of our goal, that why we are not hesitating to meet it.

By offering made to measure actions, we bring contemporary musics to all ears !

For any needs, you can contact Alice :