Participatives creations

Every year, le Périscope is driving actions of participatives creations with amateurs publics.

Those participatives creations are lead by the willingness to be always closer of everyone and mainly to those which have a more difficult access to actuals musics in their daily life.


  • Project with young people from the medico-educative institute Yves Farge in Vaulx-en-Velin  
  • Project with 2 high school classes of 15/16 years, specialize in sound (Lumière & Saint-Exupéry high schools)  
  • Project of participatives creations of soundscape urban rambles with residents of Vaulx-en-Velin about the urban resurgence of Mas du Taureau neighborhood

Pixvae, in residency at le Périscope is accompany some of our projects.

You can find our past projects in our archives in the menu bar.

See you soon.

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