Jazz Migration

Le Périscope is actively involved in Jazz Migration program

The golden age of jazz, where venues was able to receive easily the abundant and innovatives artistic offers and where medias could venture towards jazz artists from the french scene, is far away from now on, with a part of jazz professionals which dare not anymore in taking some risks by supporting young artists. By creating Jazz Migration system in 2002, l’AFIJMA, renamed AJC, could partly respond to it. Many artists who went through this system are now recognized and able to make a living of their art in professionals conditions.

To get used to new logics and realities of jazz sector, AJC and his partners redesigned the whole Jazz Migration system drawing on 15 years of experiences and by keeping positives effects of the first phase.
Indeed, these days, in front of one of the most important economic crisis, the decreasement of public dotations, and the approach of territory reform, the support to emergencing is vital and urgent. In the saturate and narrow jazz sector, helping actions to young artist becomes essential.
This new opus will try to reply to crucials questions that are the circulation and employment of artists, whereas offering them tools to be prepared to the “after Jazz Migration” phase and to develop their career.
That is how, adding to first missions, still urgent that are detection af emerging artists and circulation, two new parts are arising, the professional path and the artistic support, making Jazz Migration a professionalism trail during 2 years.

AJC network which represent more than 60 cultural venues, offer to the yearly 3 selected bands to enlarges opportunities of public and professionals encounters both in club and in festival as well as in France and abroad.

To be informed about Jazz Migration news : http://jazzmigration.com/