Focus 2015 & 2016

Echoes of France

Drawing nearly 3,000 professionals to Bremen, Germany each year, jazzahead! has become the largest trade show dedicated to jazz and improvisedl music in Europe.

France is partner country in 2015

After Turkey, Israel, Spain and Denmark, jazzahead! has decided to honor France for the 10th edition. jazzahead!’s partnership with France in 2015 aims to highlight French jazz musicians and other icons of French culture. On this occasion, it was decided to lead an ambitious promotional program, named Echoes of France, hosted by Association Jazzé Croisé (AJC) and that will be a significant platform to promote French jazz and French culture.

A multidisciplinary festival, « Accents français », ran from April 9-23, 2015. Designed to present French culture in varied forms, the festival has been organized in collaboration with the Institut Français in Bremen and many other cultural venues.

More than 200 French jazz professionals helped make the French area the liveliest section of the fair with resources including conferences, radio shows and exhibitions. French jazz was showcased during nearly 20 concerts with music performed by more than 100 artists including:

  • Thomas de Pourquery "Supersonic"
  • l’Orchestre National de Jazz - Olivier Benoit
  • Papanosh
  • Sylvain Rifflet "Alphabet Quartet"
  • Donkey Monkey
  • Henri Texier "Hope" Quartet
  • Théo Ceccaldi Trio
  • the Magnetic Ensemble
  • Richard Galliano - 30th Anniversary "New Musette" Quartet
  • Vincent Peirani "Living Being" Quintet
  • Airelle Besson Quartet
  • Raphaële Atlan Quartet
  • Louis Sclavis "Silk and Salt Melodies"
  • the duet Emile Parisien/Vincent Peirani
  • Jowee Omicil
  • Meddy Gerville
  • a night by Collision Collective.

Echoes of France 2016 the return

Echoes of France was back in 2016, with a « Quartier Français » and 7 concerts:

  • Bojan Z & Nils Wogram
  • Schwab Soro (Jazz Migration 2016)
  • TOC / Tangerine / April Fishes / Helved Rüm / Perce-plafond (Collision Collective)

Jazzahead partner countries since 2011 have been

  • 2011: Turkey
  • 2012: Spain
  • 2013: Israel
  • 2014: Denmark
  • 2015: France
  • 2016: Switzerland
  • 2017: Finland
  • 2018: Poland