Europe - Erasmus+

" Promote and produce young artists in Europe : How can we deal with it ? "

Since it's debut, le Périscope fully assumes its role as artistic pioneer. The programmation team is continuously accomplishing an artistic-awareness work in order to be closer of artists and their professional path. Then, their actions consist in administrative advices, hosting residencies and promotion work.

In a perspective of sharpening this support action, Le Périscope led an European project during 2014/2015 season, alongside with two partners : Oliver Weindling, Vortex Jazz Club director in London and Lukas Kranzelbinder, creator of Polyamory Sound festival and representative of Laub Records in Vienna. The main objective of this project was to think collectively about artistic emergence through this question : « Promote and produce young artists in Europe : How can we deal with it ? »

Thanks to the exchange of know how with partners structure, it was about understanding and learning how to be a better support for young artists career development . Beyond this artistic approach, the issue was to find ways to create a diffusion framework and an economic model to insure young artist development. Indeed, we felt it would be necessary to have a comune think. In another hand and to the extent that few professionals places in France share the same specificity as Le Périscope (200 seats and innovative jazz aesthetic), the european scale was more relevant to broach this group thought, based on the diversity of representative models.

Our engagement in the European project ERASMUS + resulted of a need to find new leads to help the professionalization of emerging artist in Europe. It was vital for Le Périscope, in order to enlarge style and boundaries of iis programmation, to learned from European structures and to constitute a network of partner ready to work together.

London session from 2 to 5 February 2015
Vienna session from 3 to 5 March 2015
Lyon session from 19 to 22 March 2015
Participation to the 10th edition of Jazzahead! 23rd March 2015 (en savoir +)


England :
Oliver Weindling / Vortex Jazz Club / London
Dan Nicholls / Loop Collective / London
Dave Morecroft (Match&Fuse) / London
Tony Dudsley Evans / Jazz Lines / Birmingham
Elliot Galvin / Chaos Collective /
Mark Holub / London

Austria :
Lukas Kranzelbinder / Laub Records / Vienna
Manuel Mayr / Jazzwerkstatt / Vienna
Christoph Huber / Porgy and bess / Vienna
Fabian Rucker / Vienna

France :
Lucas Garnier / Grolektif Collectif / Lyon
Charlène Mercier / A Vaulx Jazz / Lyon
Grégory Sallet / Collectif Pince Oreilles / Lyon

Seminary guests with AJC support :

Holland :
John Thomas / Axejazzpower / Netherlands /

Denmark :
Peder Raarup Jensen / ILK Music / Copenhagen