Following the government announcements on the resumption of activity of concert venues and the opening of bars, we must clarify the situation and the reality induced by this authorization to reopen.

Our venue has a capacity of 180 seats for these concerts and about half of this on seating configurations. Many of you are familiar with our reception conditions. Le Périscope is an intimate place, almost familial at times, where we meet at the entrance, at the counter, in front of the stage, and where we navigate freely before, during and after the concerts.
Today, preventive measures force us to radically reconsider our gauge, considerably reducing the capacity of the Periscope. The warmth of the concert, the collective suspended time, the euphoria of the live music, right away, are much less palpable.
Also, even beyond the economic reality of the organization of concerts, it seems difficult to us to date to consider a qualitative experience of concerts under these conditions.

Does that mean we have to stay at half-mast? And silently wait for the next move. Of course not. As a result, the Periscope slowly regains some of the beast's hair and finds, step by step, the heart of its project.

Also, since June 08th:

- The artists have resumed their rehearsals in our premises.

- The residency stage is dedicated full-time to the creative work of the musicians.

- Our Lobster offices are once again open to our teams and members.

- Our bar and terrace are waiting for you every night of the week from 6pm to 9pm!

On the other hand:

- We are still waiting for the resumption of the concerts, which seems impossible at this stage.

For the rest, stay connected, we will soon give you news about the terrace, the construction site, news from our musicians, projects for the new school year and so many things to read, hear, see and listen to. The situation is far from being settled for live performance artists, but we will continue to keep our sector alive and supported.





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